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Standard Break Service

Brakes are one of the most important key elements for your ride being safe. It is highly important to have sensible and smooth brakes which require a periodic control for your car’s brake components. There are two different types of brakes as disc or drums in technical consideration, but theoretically they apply the same principle to slow down or stop the car – Resistance.

standard disc brake service

As disc brakes are being slightly newer technology that is selected to be used in new model cars, they show more resistance to decrease the braking distance. Basically, the brake systems use the energy of you pressing the brake pedal to slow down the tire and stop the car with its connected components such as brake pads, rotor, and caliper. Depending on the driving style of the driver, these pads and rotor will be scratched and thinner which will lead to discomforting driving experience.

Drum brakes also work with the same technique as disc brakes, using the pressure to slow down rotor. For the both type of brakes, the standard brake-check service is necessary due to the high pressure appliance causes components to be worn away in time.

There are many things could be a sign for a problem in brake system as followed:

  • An unusual sound like metal rubbing when you push the brake pedal,
  • Shake in your steering wheel above certain speed,
  • Experiencing longer braking distance,
  • Smoke and/or smell coming out from your wheels

If you are experiencing any of the points above, you should for standard break service that will include measurement inspection of both front and rear brake pad wear, rotor wear, and drum wear. All these components needs to be inspected carefully by an expert to ensure you a safe driving experience.

Please make sure that your mechanic uses original parts for replacements as high quality parts last longer and provide better results.

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