Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alternator Replacement Service

Alternator is a key component that plays a critical role for the operation of your car. From the technical point of view, an alternator help to turn the mechanic energy being produced into electric energy to be consumed in the operations.

Considering the number of electronic devices that use the electric energy in new cars, alternator has a very important duty. Basically, the main purpose of alternator is to keep the battery charged and let the electronic parts operate smoothly.

When you start your car, alternator starts to produce electric energy and store them into the battery.

replace an alternator

Alternators are relatively long lasting component of your car in comparison to others, but when there are signs showing their performance is low, you have to visit a mechanic as soon as possible.

Mostly, problems are caused by alternator belt instead of alternator itself as alternator belt is rubber material leading to deformation in time. A break of your alternator belt will result with ending of electrical operations of your car, so that you should be careful about signs that might occur due to the problems in your alternator and have a periodic check by mechanic to make sure it is in good condition.

Let’s look at the common signs experienced when there is something wrong with alternator:

  • Appearance of the battery sign in your car, a mechanic needs to check your car immediately,
  • Delay on the start of your car,
  • Possible dim in your lights,
  • Odd smell and growling sound coming from under the hood of your car,
  • Any other signs pointing electrical problem

All the signs above might appear because of alternator related issues. In case of not visiting mechanic immediately and continuing with these signs can lead you to be stranded which means extra costs for towing and possible damage to other parts connected to electrical system of your car.

Please do not forget to inform your mechanic to check your alternator when you bring your car to a periodic service.

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